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IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Solutions for San Antonio, TX Taxpayers

IRS back tax forgiveness San Antonio

Don’t let back taxes weigh you down.  Instead, take action by consulting a professional tax resolution team that can settle your back taxes in San Antonio.  Make this the year you’re going to settle your back taxes once and for all.  The IRS expects you to do your part and pay your taxes regardless of whether you believe you have the money to pay them.  If you don’t pay the IRS and ignore their letters, they can compel you to pay by imposing tax liens and levies against you and your assets.  Or, they can even garnish your wages to pay for IRS back taxes, which is embarrassing, financially devastating.  Could you live on 1/3 of your current income if the IRS seizes your wages?  Most of us couldn’t do so.

However, San Antonio Pure Tax and our team of licensed tax lawyers can negotiate an IRS back tax forgiveness plan that will resolve your tax debt and keep your assets safe.   Please don’t make this mistakes that so many others make when they owe IRS back taxes:  don’t use a high interest credit card or loan to pay your back tax debt.  A seasoned tax attorney like the licensed professionals at Pure Tax Resolution can pursue a convenient back tax forgiveness plan that will reduce and settle your tax debt for good.

In order to settle back taxes, a licensed tax resolution professional must contact the IRS on your behalf and submit approval for one of the following settlement plans:

Partial Payment Installment Agreements

You may qualify for a partial installment agreement, depending on your financial situation.  If you qualify, the IRS can grant you a payment plan that allows you to pay off your tax debt in manageable payments, without having to worry about penalties, garnishments, or levies.  A professional IRS back taxes settlement expert can help to ensure the facts of your case are presented in the most favorable light.

Offer in Compromise (OIC)

With an OIC, the IRS will reduce your back tax debt, accepting less than the full amount as payment in full for your back tax liability.  The forms for submitting an offer in compromise are very complicated and require many calculations and financial disclosures.  You absolutely need the help of a tax attorney and CPA to properly pursue an OIC.  The Offer in Compromise is only one tool in the tax resolution expert’s arsenal, but in some cases it’s invaluable.

Currently Not Collectible Status (CNC)

Sometimes referred to as a hardship determination, CNC status is granted to those with unique financial hardship, where their tax debt obligation is suspended.  To obtain a currently not collectible determination, under statute, you need to persuade the IRS that the unique facts and circumstances of your case favor a CNC determination.   Because the presentation is key, and the IRS has discretion in applying the statute, the level of professionalism in your application, and how you marshal the facts to support your cause has a direct bearing on your likelihood of success.  It goes without saying that tax attorneys, who spend 7 or more years in school, learning the art of persuasion gives you an advantage when trying to persuade the IRS that your case warrants a CNC determination.

Contact Us To See Your Options For IRS Back Tax Forgiveness

Owing the IRS back taxes is stressful and scary for those who have never dealt with the IRS.  Taking action to settle tax debt puts you back in control of your present and your future.   San Antonio Pure Tax not only has the unique skills needed to settle your IRS back taxes, but in the process offers up-front pricing and top-notch customer service from start to finish. Call our President, Tim Halcomb today to get IRS back tax help you can trust!. Free consultations (210) 526-0224.





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My experience with Pure Tax Resolution has been exceptional! Andrew started assisting me almost a year ago with submitting an OIC to the IRS, Fortunately the outcome of my OIC offer was positive. I feel very blessed that I chose Pure Tax Resolution and had Andrew as my Lawyer helping me through the process. Andrew stayed in contact with me and answered all of my questions and concerns.

Aimee L. ~ Yelp

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